A Colombian faja is a body shaper manufactured in Colombia. The shapewear has levels light compression, medium compression, and high compression material.

Fajas can help by toning any flabby skin and minimizing cellulite appearance. If you have gotten any cosmetic surgery it is often recommended by most plastic surgeons in order to enhance shaping results.

Yes, postpartum girdles are often recommended by nurses and doctors to help with swelling and recovery.

In order to select the correct sizing for a faja you will need a measuring tape to help measure your waist and hips. After you have measured we have a sizing chart available to match your measurements and select the correct garment.

The first time you get a compression garment it will always be at its tightest, however after a few uses the faja will become more bearable over time and use. Hand washing the garment can also help with the flexibility of the shapewear.

Colombian Shapewear often uses a Power net mechanism and a combination of materials such as Nylon, Elastan, Latex, and Cotton.

If you are a beginner it is recommended to start by wearing your garment 2 hours a day and work your way up to 8. These garments can be worn up to 12 hours a day. Do Not Sleep With Your Faja On.